We believe that Cyprus has a lot to learn from the experiences of post-conflict societies in Europe and elsewhere, who have successfully implemented measures to deal with conflicts peacefully and have used such initiatives in schools. In order to facilitate this connection, we will organise an International Conference on a Culture of Peace, with the attendance of educators who will have participated in our trainings, alongisde international Peace Education experts. Everyone will be welcome, regardless of gender, geographical location, level of ability or socio-economic status.

The main objectives of the Conference will be:

  •   100 mg viagra price walmart. to bring together educators currently involved in peace projects from all over Europe and beyond,
  •  to share examples of projects and best practices; to discuss challenges and ways to overcome them,
  •  to connect the past with the future by developing new and innovative youth projects,
  •  to create an international network of people working for Education for a Culture of Peace.

As a side-activity of the conference, we will also organise a Study Tour of Nicosia, the divided capital of Cyprus. Participants will visit places of multicultural and historical significance; of tension and conflict. As both the project’s implementing organisations have experience in such tours for educators, researchers and youth across the divide, we believe that by encouraging the exchange of personal and collective narratives, the tour will help to build bridges of communication, and facilitate interaction, reconciliation, multiculturalism and dialogue. Given that this type of interactive learning process could then be incorporated into schools, the tour will also contribute to the empowerment of teachers, and the acknowledgement of their role as agents of educational – and therefore social – change.