What is SDDP?

Structured Dialogic Design Process, (SDDP) is a relatively new and alternative method applied during workshop sessions and trainings. The idea of SDDP, as the name implies, is to ensure a democratic approach to dialogue, in which all participants are given equal chances to contribute. Each individual, regardless of their discipline, experience, or educational background, expresses their opinions, which are taken into consideration by all, before decisions are taken on an equitable basis. It has been proven that groups who engage in this process are much more likely to feel ownership over the content of the workshop and the ideas it produces, therefore increasing the chance of eventual success.


How will SDDP be used in this project?

  • Project Stakeholder Sessions

A group which comprised of the core project team, the Project Advisory Board and other Culture of Peace trainers, completed SDDP sessions which sought the answer to the Triggering Question: ‘What are the characteristics of the ideal educational system we envision for Cyprus?’ The needs for implementing Culture of Peace initiatives were identified and analyzed throughout the duration of these sessions, opening the floor for discussion about the dilemmas, fears and stereotypes of the educators on the island. Through this process, the project’s stakeholders gained an insight into the different understandings and interpretations of a ‘Culture of Peace’ that exist within the group – thus developing a strategy for inclusive and peaceful future trainings and activities.
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  • Educators Sessions

Our goal is to start using SDDP to extract educators’ views on the current situation on the island, and to identify the problems and needs in regards to the Culture of Violence that prevails in Cypriot schools across the divide, as well as the society at large. The notions of participation, democracy and dialogue which are promoted and encouraged by the SDDP trainings are in line with a Culture of Peace. By participating in a dialogical and participatory process, the stakeholders of this project will be able to harness their collective wisdom and take responsibility for the project and its various missions, working enthusiastically throughout the process in the spirit of mutual respect. SDDP has been providing us with the tools we need to concretely implement our ideas and have a clear vision based on practical steps and achievable goals. We believe that the SDDP methodology will be particularly effective during the training sessions for educators, given that many previous efforts to introduce peace-oriented educational goals and curricula have failed due to the lack of participation in the decision making and design process on the part of educators. Dealing with the aforementioned issues faced through dialogue, participation, cooperation and reflection will only serve to empower the main actors of the educational process.

For the implementation of the SDDP sessions, the project team and the participating organizations have teamed up with Future Worlds Center (FWC), one of the leading organizations in implementing the SDDP methodology in Cyprus and around the world. Read more about FWC on our ‘Partners’ page.